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Quick Pitch Videos

Below is a list of our Quick Pitch presentation videos.  As our ability to conduct in person sales presentations have been limited to web meetings, we began creating video presentations for our manufacturers products that were targeted to our retail buyer audience. 


These are not full blown product demonstrations but quick conversation starters focusing on why a retailer would benefit from offering these products in their stores.  Think of them as video sell sheets.  

If you are a retailer and have found this page, please take some time to review all of the Quick Pitch videos we have created for you and your staff.  They can be a useful sales tool for your team as well.  If you see something you like, contact your brand specialist to place your order!

Quick Pitch Videos
Iwata-Medea NEW The Arsenal Paint Brush Set
Alumicolor Custom Imprint Program
Crescent RendR NEW Package Redesign
NEW 2024 Escoda Products
NEW Project Boxes from Artbin
Golden Artist Colors Retail Staff Orientations
2024 Summer Picks
Artesprix NEW Product Packaging and Planograms
Faber Castell 2024 NEW Design Products
Faber Castell 2024 NEW Creative Studio Products
Creativaton by NAMTA 2024 Recap
Faber Castell 2024 NEW Art & Graphic Products
Slice Products Safety Cutter and PoP
NEW Daylight Company Anita Floor and Table Lamps
Creativation by NAMTA 2024 Preview
NEW Faber Castell Try-It Boxes
Iwata-Medea NEW Katana Plus Sprayer
NEW 2024 Faber Castell CFK Products
Sakura NEW Gelly Roll 74 pc Gift Set
NEW Arbor Woodgrains by Bainbridge from Crescent Brands
Faber Castell Premium Writing New and Noteworthy Items
Slice Display and Suggested Opening Order
R&F Handmade Paints NEW 2024 Colors
2023 GCD Team Favorites
2023 Holiday Greeting
Sakura Solid Markers and NEW Display
NEW 2024 Golden Artist Colors Products
Faber Castell CFK Wonder Worlds Kits
Crescent Creative Nielsen Frame Kits
Iwata-Medea NEW Boya Crayons
Daylight Company TwoSun and TriSun Lamps
Sakura NEW Gelly Roll UV Set
2023 Holiday Promotions
Slice Products Introduction
Faber Castell Graf von Faber-Castell Writing Instruments
Daylight Company NEW Studio and Easel GO Lamps
Escoda N.A. Introduction
Faber Castell NEW Goldfaber Sketch Dual Markers
Golden Artist Colors Varnish is Back
Craft Express Blanks Recap
2023 Holiday Gift Guide
NEW Faber Castell Little Creatives
R&F Handmade Paints NEW 2023 Holiday Sets
Sakura Koi Water Color Field Sketch Set with NEW Iridescent Medium
Faber Castell NEW Black Edition
Bob Ross NEW kits and 2 foot Planogram
Faber Castell Creativity for Kids NEW Sensory on the Go kits
2023 Back to School Promotions
NEW Sakura Gelly Roll Retractable Pens
Iwata-Medea NEW NuWorlds Paints
NEW Abroli Monster Color Tempera Paints
Faber Castell Design Fine Writing
Artesprix NEW 2023 Products
Grafix NEW Grey Dura-Bright and Craft Plastic
Guerrilla Painter NEW 2023 Products
Golden Artist Colors NEW SoFlat Color Expansion
NEW Sakura Gelly Roll Mood Sets and Pastels
Ampersand Art NEW DuoFrames
NAMTA 2023 Review
Faber Castell NEW Goldfaber Mixed Media Display
Faber Castell Creative Studio NEW Drawing and Lettering Sets
Creativation by NAMTA 2023 Preview
Golden Artist Colors NEW Gloss Waterborne Varnish
Daylight Company Art Lamps Top Sellers
Faber Castell NEW Pitt Graphite Matte and Castell 9000 Sets
Iwata HP-TH2 Airbrush is Back
Faber Castell NEW 2023 CFK Products
Daylight Company Halo GO
NEW Golden Artist Colors Acrylic Sets
GCD What was new in 2022 - Product Review
Golden Artist Colors PanPastel and Sofft Tools
Faber Castell PITT Dual Markers
2022 Winter Back to School Promotions
Artbin New Ribbon Storage Rack
Sakura New Pigma Micron 08 Colors
Golden - PanPastel and Sofft Tools Acquisition
Faber Castell Creative Studio New Sketch Sets
2022 Holiday Promotions
Iwata-Medea Key Basics Assortment
Toss Products Paint Plates
Crescent Creative Ready-made Frames
Faber Castell Children's and Creative Studio New Fall Products
Craft Express Sublimation Blanks
Faber Castell PITT Wallet Updates
Crescent Creative New Precut Mats and Gallery Kits
Alumicolor Should've Used Alumicolor
Grafix Frisket Film
R&F Pigment Stick Holiday Set
Artesprix and Craft Express Introduction
2022 Back To School Promotions
Crescent Creative Artboard 3-pack Line Extension
Ampersand Art Floater Frames New Colors
Golden Williamsburg New Neutral Gray Set
Golden QoR Half Pan Sets
Golden High Flow Color Expansion
Iwata-Medea New Cleaning Items
NAMTA 2022 Recap
Sakura of America Additional Products
NAMTA 2022
Faber Castell Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers
Grafix World of Dura-lar
Createx Paints from Iwata-Medea
Golden Mural & Theme Paint
Faber Castell 2022 New Premium Children's and Creative Studio
Faber Castell 2022 Creativity for Kids New Products
Artbin 2022 New Products
Ampersand Panel Selector
Artbin 2 in 1 Wall and Desk Organizer
Star Products Black Student Art Folio
Iwata-Medea Where to Start
Crescent Brands Merger
Faber Castell Creativity for Kids Holiday Kits
Alumicolor Alumicutter
Sakura Koi Watercolor Tube Sets
Sakura New Writing Products
Grafix Mixed Media Journals
Faber Castell Neon and Metallic Markers
Fredrix Marker Canvas
R&F Encaustic Dozen Set
Alumicolor Alumidrafter
Iwata USB Powered Electric Eraser
Blooper Reel Volume 1 - For your viewing pleasure
Total Art Cooperative Leonardo Collection
Faber Castell Matte Graphite Pencils
Faber Castell CFK Sensory Bins
ArtBin 2021 New Products
Faber Castell Watercolor Paint by Number
Golden SoFlat Sets
Faber Castell World Colors
Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Colors
Sakura Micron 100th Anniversary Set
R&F Handmade Paints Color Charts
Faber Castell Metallic Textliner Markers
Star Products Student Art Folios with Handles
Crescent ArtBoards in 3 packs
Toss Products Paint Plates
Grafix Dura-Bright
Sakura Micron 10 and 12 Nib Sizes
Ampersand Claybord Tile Mini Size packs
Golden SoFlat Matte Acrylic Paint
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